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  • Vaitrix boos gauge

    Hello everyone, I am trying to install the Vaitrix boost gauge, the pug and play one, on my 500L and i am having some problems ( I hate car electrics )
    4 wires ;
    Red for Battery 12V
    Blue for lamp 12V
    Yellow for ignition 12V
    Black for Ground

    Now, i saw that everything can be hooked up using a few add a fuse with the interior fuse box. This is the info I have;
    Click image for larger version

Name:	fuses.JPG
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    which one can I use for each wire? (except ground) - I read somewhere that the yellow and blue can go together, is that correct?


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    I would tap the back of the cigar lighter for the ignition feed, ground and panel lamp driver, and probably use the data connector for battery feed. I use the mopar connector repair kit website when I want a quick reference on projects.
    Just use the drop down for BF body for a 500L and go to cigar lighter, and datalink connector.


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      ok, it's working now! just a bit annoying that every time i turn off the car the back light stays on, i have to turn it on and off every time. I might just connect everything to ignition instead.

      Also... now that i have kind of a reference; how much boost should i be seeing for...

      Phase 1
      Phase 2
      Phase 3