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Understeer fix? (On a budget)

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  • Understeer fix? (On a budget)

    So... while playing the other day I found the limit of my cars handling. Understeer out the wazoo. Ended up steering through the turn with the throttle.

    I have sportline springs and koni yellow rear shocks. Stock front struts. I do not have any version of the big red stabilizer bar in the rear. I have purposely stayed away from that mod as I don't like the idea of going around a turn on three wheels. I mean, what's the thought process behind that? Less traction in the rear so the ass end slides around to compensate for the understeer? I can't imagine that to be true, but that's how it appears.

    So is that the only fix? I can't afford coilovers. I'll just know my limitations if coilovers are the fix.
    I meant to do that.

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    Several other options...


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      make sure you're not lowering the rear end as that will increase understeer. Stiffer torsion bar in the rear is the real deal as well, it works. Make sure the front konis are set up on the softer end of the spectrum. Adjustable front sway bar helps too, you'll normally want the softest setting.


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        SB101 cut to 55mm (cut from the thicker and firmer part), you can probably cut even less with 16" wheels. Buy camber bolts for the front and install those.

        I would also strongly recommend, getting much higher rate rear springs that will give you something called "flat ride" and will drastically improve comfort on the highway and stability during cornering. Also, driver mod.