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P0456 - EVAP Leak

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  • P0456 - EVAP Leak

    My car threw this code a couple weeks ago. I cleared the code and it stayed off for about a week. It came back again.

    Tried the tricks of putting some grease on the gas cap seal, didn't help. Saw videos online replacing he EVAP leak detector pump etc.

    I decided to try the cheapest solution first, replace the gas cap. This fixed it. (Yes I tried tightening it a few times, no luck before the grease).

    The aftermarket cap that fits, and, has a tighter seal (at least on my car), is:

    Make: GATES
    Model: 31838

    Just wanted to throw this out there for anyone else having the same issue at around 98,000kms.

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    Make sure you hear three clicks, otherwise, you might get some more leaks.
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      I'll do 4 clicks and 2 jumping jacks just to make sure.


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        Yeah the grease trick doesn't work if the problem is the valve in the gas cap - guessing that was your problem here.