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    After a couple months of winter driving on Eibach sportlines, puckering up every time I see piled up ice or snow in the middle of the road, I figure to get the most enjoyment out of the car year round it's best to raise it up to stock or higher, but to still have it track ready for fair weather; RE: R3T. Some of the things I’m planning I haven’t found any information on online, but mostly has already been done; will try to maintain this thread with updates.

    Current State:

    Click image for larger version

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    Inspiration: Abarth R3T

    Click image for larger version

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    What I'm planning/done to date: This is a budget build, will be utilizing as many used and scrap yard parts as possible

    Plan- Reliable 200hp, minimize vacuum leak points, minimize oil consumption
    Done- MM piggyback, EC V2.1 Intake(came with the car), MPx Axle Back (came with the car)
    TBD- Turbo/Cat back Exhaust (leaning towards magnaflow catback), inline valve to mitigate “factory boosts leak”, Mishimoto oil catch can, Forge wastegate and diverter (or similar), FMIC, 4C coils

    Plan- Solidify shift feel, remove as much slop as possible
    Done- Solid TWM Short Shifter
    TBD- Torque arm insert, transmission mounts

    Plan- Stock or higher ride height with good shocks
    Done- currently on Eibach Sportline springs on stock shocks- I believe this is the lowest coil only option on the market (came with the car)
    TBD- I can’t seem to find any coil over options on the market that allow stock or higher than adjustment (I’d appreciate input), I’ve looked into a ground control style system that would work with the stock shocks (or maybe Koni upgrade);would require a substantial amount trial and error to design and create. For now, I think that I’ll scrap yard for a set of lounge/pop springs and design some lifting perches for desired height.

    Plan- Protect undercarriage, facilitate maximum air flow into engine bay
    Done- Mud flaps, carbon fiber spoiler extension, front lip extension-came off in some off road driving will reinstall if skid plate permits (all came with car)
    TBD- Skid plate, Naca duct and extractor (if I can pick up a scrap hood for cheap), side chassis braces, rear ARB

    Plan- 15” or 16” rally style wheels for winter (maybe year round), 17” stock for summer, stud conversion
    Done- 17” stockers with Pirelli summers and winters to swap (came with car)
    TBD- OZ Leggenda, Sparco terra, E30 VW Miata or JDM BBS or OZ wheels; Waiting on a good set of 4x100/98 wheels on the used market. Also potentially Lancia Integrale wheels (or similar evo corse, fifteen52 etc.)
    Click image for larger version

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    Plan- lightweight, remove unused equipment, upgraded head unit, seat upgrade, Boost Gauge, 2015+ tft cluster
    Done- Nil
    TBD- Beats Subwoofer delete (Maybe replace with smaller unit behind driver’s seat), rear seat delete (with custom storage compartment), 1DIN connective head unit or 2DIN unit that won’t require cutting vents (Alpine ILX, will require custom surround), thinking of going with seats out of a 500 turbo, working on designing a custom analog boost gauge to fill the factory housing, tft cluster purchased- driving 4000k toll mileage aligns to install

    Plan- Minimal changes
    Done- Custom bronze shift knob, windows tinted, removed all non factory decals
    TBD- Gated shifter (design done, 3d printed, needs to be machined)
    Click image for larger version

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    I'd appreciate input on any of the above, the suspension setup might be the biggest hurdle.
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    I love the gated shifter.

    Check out @lifted_fiat on Instagram. He's been buried under snow but Troy is also working on an off-road 500.


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      Do you know if gated shifter works? I think a few people tried it in the past and couldn’t make it work.


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        Originally posted by jerseyboy View Post
        Do you know if gated shifter works? I think a few people tried it in the past and couldn’t make it work.
        Yep, that’s a working model in the the picture
        13' Abarth


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          Found the handbook from the R3 suspension manufacturer:
          13' Abarth


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            Originally posted by romanoaf View Post
            Found the handbook from the R3 suspension manufacturer:
            That a great find. I was pondering buying one of the retired cars years ago. We modeled the V2.1 after the R3T design, early versions had the the R3T logo on them. Always liked the rally look on these cars.

            My white one: (Even had the R3T Plate)

            Click image for larger version

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              Click image for larger version  Name:	20140203_092831.jpg Views:	0 Size:	96.0 KB ID:	2889

              This car has done some hard miles for sure and its still running great on the same transmission and motor. Still on the same clutch too.

              Cant say the same for the vast majority of "facebook" experts.


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                Originally posted by Chris@EC View Post

                That a great find. I was pondering buying one of the retired cars years ago. We modeled the V2.1 after the R3T design, early versions had the the R3T logo on them. Always liked the rally look on these cars.
                what suspension were you running? I’m leaning towards vogtland right now as their max height setting is closest to stock on paper.
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                  I've contacted ExtremeTech about selling an R3 setup, they cannot under agreement with FCA/Abarth; however, I'm waiting on them to confirm if a road setup (not used by factory) can be made available for purchase..
                  In the meantime, I've found an R3T setup by TEIN aswell

                  My concern is the fitment of eu vs NA cars, I've read that they mount up the same, but the eu shocks have less travel, anyone able to confirm?
                  13' Abarth


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                    the holy grail:
                    13' Abarth


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                      That suspension there is the ultimate......separate rebound and compression adjustments. I have an AFCO dual adjust on my Miata and man it soaks up the road imperfections like there’s no tomorrow. Seriously that is the only way to stabilize our car....the rear suspension set up on our car is a joke.


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                        Teins iirc does not have a dual rebound and compression adjustments. AST/Moton does. From my understanding you can have a a Koni or Bilstein custom build with both rebound and compression adjustment.
                        Now AFCO may be able to help you if you can give them the spec.....they do mono or twin tube..... and they make their own springs.


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                          That’s something I’m considering right now. I may build from a set of bilsteins, potentially shaving the mounting and threading the body to make them height adjustable. From what I read, the bilsteins may require revalving, I’ve been looking into fat cat suspension. They rebuild/valve a lot of Miatas too.
                          13' Abarth


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                            Progress on custom boost gauge
                            13' Abarth


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                              Will that Tein set-up work for our NA Abarths? That may be a bit too stiff unless you are gonna make your Abarth fly like that on the pic. Have you look or talk to BC racing? They can probably make one to your spec as they have a set for our car. You can even go all out and pair it with Swift springs. Now the rear you have to send them to Swift so they can custom make a set. Then you can get them revalved according to your spring rates. From what I have gathered, you can have the BC internals replaced with the high-end Bilstiein stuff; watch the YouTube video. Feal can probably build an external reservoir for it too just like that of the JDM Teins. Dang that will be $$$$$......yet again I am not sure if that will be able to tame the rear end design this car.