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General wheel/tire combinations, air pressure preferences?

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  • General wheel/tire combinations, air pressure preferences?

    There was a lot of lost info from the old forum regarding tire/wheel combos: what swapped on without issues, what swapped on with some modification, rubbing at wheel-lock, a compilation of different wheels on various rigs, and so on.

    It'd be nice to start recompiling that data again so people know what options are available, and the difficulty of executing it.

    For myself, I didn't do anything too extreme, but I just installed some OZ Racing Alleggerita HLT 16x7 37mm with the 4x100 bolt pattern using the factory-provided PCD variation lugbolts and spacers provided by OZ onto the Abarth without issue. I wrapped them in 205/45R16 Continental ExtremeContact Sport summer tires (mine came with 195/45R16 Pirelli P7 Cinturato A/S) so it's a fraction of an inch wider and a fraction of an inch larger in diameter than OEM.

    The nice thing is a bit of tire overhangs the rim of the wheels, so it gives a wee bit of warning if you're starting to rub curbs. I'm not a fancy pants driver, but I look forward to seeing how they perform at the NGEN Twisted Sisters Fiat Road Trip this year.

    I've been running the factory 38/32psi tire pressures and not sure if there's something a little better to experiment with. I'm currently on factory alignment and factory suspension. I'm hoping to have Koni yellows and Vogtland springs and bump to an E/C Phase 2 for the road trip next year. Anyone have some opinions to share?
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    2015 Nero Abarth, manual gearbox, base model
    Play-hard parts: EC V4.1, DNA lateral subframe braces, DNA subframe brace, GFB DV+, Alfa Romeo 4C coils, ATM FMIC EC E+D PH2/695TF, O.Z. Racing Allegeritta HLT 16" w/ 205/45R16 Continental ExtremeContact Sport, Bilstein B8 & Vogtland @ R. slotted Stoptech & Hawk ceramic @ F/R.

    Misc parts: Braille B2015, AAD AOS, Wink rally mirror, Scangauge II, PTP blanket, Ecliptech Shift P2+, Defi boost gauge, H3R 2.5lb halon
    Next purchase: wastegate update

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    On the 500 Pop I run 16x7 Braids with a 4x98 bolt pattern with Eibach Prokit springs and 5mm spacers. I have Federal SS595EVO A/S tires (195/45R16), which seem to be a great daily tire. Pressure is 38/32, which seems to work fine. When the dealer rotated the tires, and it was 32/38 for a day or two, the car felt very nervous in the rear.

    On the 500 Abarth I have Neu-f wheels in 17x7.5 with Neu-f neuspeed springs. 5mm spacers up front and 10mm spacers in the rear. Last ran Federal 595 RS-RR tires in 215/40R17. Last year got some slight rubbing in the rear with a passenger and driving high speed through compressions. Tires pressures are usually 38/32. Not a big fan of the RS-RRs so switched to Dunlop Direzza ZIII recently.